47ronintelechargerza: How to kill bed bugs with heat- (Heat treatment for bed bugs)

47ronintelechargerza: How to kill bed bugs with heat-Bed bugs are annoying pests that hide in inaccessible areas, this makes their extermination, is a very c0mplex process. This is where bed bug heat treatment plays an important role.

Heat treatment for bed bugs compared with to other options extermination

Today, there are several ways available for exterminating bed bugs. see also : How to kill bed bugs with things at home

Compared to other forms of treatment for bed bugs, bed bug heat treatment is not toxic and can kill bed bugs in various stages of their life cycle, including their eggs.

The only disadvantage of this method of heat treatment (with the exception of heating, drying system at home, used to kill bed bugs in infested clothing), which is relatively rather expensive compared to other options bed bug treatment.

Moreover, unlike sprays & powders to eliminate bed bugs, bed bug heat treatment has no residual action; therefore re-infestation, it is likely unless you repeat the treatment several times or use it along with other conventional treatment methods.

Common types of heat treatment for bed bugs

Heat treatment of bedbugs is of various types.

One can avail of treatment in the form of steaming, hot dryers, portable heating chambers and heating systems professional grade larger, which are mainly used to complete structures and hotel rooms, for example.

Now we will discuss these common types of heat treatment, along with their pros & cons:
Clothes dryer:

These are ideal for the treatment of infested clothing, bedding, etc.
This type of heat treatment for bed bugs is particularly useful in places where insecticides cannot be applied as inside socks, beds & mattresses, etc.

Remember that the thermal death point of bed bugs is at an average temperature above 118F and with an exposure time of at least 20 minutes.

Thus, most commercial dryers set at its highest temperature position can kill all bed bugs in a cycle of 30 minutes.

Some dryers they have a choice of dust falling, can also be used to treat infested leather bags, shoes and even books.

Some portable heating devices from various manufacturers have been developed as part of the options bug heat treatment.

These consist mainly of portable thermal cameras, or folding canvas bags with removable racks that can be used for placement of infested items such as clothing, bags, quilts and even all of their bags.

The advantage of these devices, compared to the dryer, is the fact that they are portable and can be taken to various places.

Businesses professional pest control, use steam as part of its heat treatment of bedbugs in the treatment of all hotel rooms or private, infested homes.

This method is very effective in treating bedbug infestations within resorts, carpets, mattresses, electrical outlets, under carpets, behind baseboards and furniture etc.

Heat treatment of bed bugs is a slow process that must be done meticulously with an exhibition of speed of 12 inches per 30 seconds. It must also be used with other methods of removing bugs to fully complete with bugs and their eggs.

These methods of heat treatment for bed bugs consist of overheating in rooms using electric heating fan base gas or propane.

These heated rooms at temperatures of about 135F (taking care that the electronic equipment in the rooms, not damaged).

Fans heating, blowing the heat inside the rooms continuously for 60 minutes.

The sensors are also placed inside the rooms in crevices and hard to reach areas, to ensure the elimination of all insects, nymphs and eggs.

The biggest advantage of this heat treatment for entire room is you do not have to remove their belongings inside the room. It’s also highly efficient for treating large infestations.

A disadvantage of this method is that you cannot do this as a personal project, need to rely on professional pest management companies for the same.

As we have seen, there are several types of options thermal treatment of bedbugs, which are very effective in the treatment of infested items and all infestations hotel rooms or private, addresses quickly and safely.

Note that:

In the case of the oldest buildings, thermal treatments may not be suitable and can damage your property. If this is the case, the heat treatment for bed bugs, will not be adequate and one would have to use alternative solutions or other extermination of bed bugs.
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