How to kill bed bugs with neem oil

how to kill bed bugs easily and naturally with neem oil

(47ronintelechargerza; How to kill bed bugs with neem oil) - Bedbugs are nocturnal bloodsucker’s parasites that feed on warm-blooded animals. They go out of their hiding places at night and will travel great distances in search of food. The most common signs that you may have bed bugs are red papules on the skin or tiny drops of blood on its leaves. If you want to have a safe approach to get rid of bed bugs, neem oil is a natural choice. This bug repellent has active ingredients that are similar to insect hormones produce. Bed bugs eat neem oil mistakenly thinking they are natural hormones. This blocks their real hormones to function properly and will not be able to survive. Neem oil offers a safe and environmentally friendly way to treat bed bugs.

Directions for killing bed bugs with neem oil

  1. Buy a neem oil spray ready-to-use from your local garden supply store.It contains a refined neem oil extract.Spray a light mist on your mattress, springs and bed frame.You should also spray along baseboards and cracks and crevices or anywhere that you think the bugs are hiding.
  2. Make your own neem oil spray.It is simple to make, cheaper and more effective than the commercial spray because it has a higher concentration of acadirachtin, the active ingredient in insecticidal neem oil.Mix 1 tablespoon of neem oil of tea, 1 teaspoon of tea soap or detergent insecticide, and 1 qt.Together warm water to make 1 quart.neem oil spray.Put in a spray bottle and spray all surfaces where you think the bugs are hiding.
  3. Wash all clothing, towels and bedding in your home and put them in plastic bags.Vacuum floors, drawers, mattresses and box spring.Also vacuum behind pictures, curtains and cabinets.Dispose of the vacuum bag in a garbage container closed outdoors.
  4. Inspect your home on a weekly basis to determine if the treatment was effective.Repeat the treatment once a week until all bugs are dead.The bedbug population should plummet, and they should disappear completely within a few weeks.
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