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how to kill bed bugs on a sofa

(; How to kill bed bugs in a sofa) - Bed bugs are the kind of parasitic creature that nightmares are made of. Besides of causing fear in many people, they are carriers of disease and blood creatures’ power, which makes them hazardous to humans. Bed bugs are found not only in beds, but in all types of upholstered furniture, including sofas. It is advisable to get rid of them - they feed on human blood and can pass the disease process.

Directions for killing bed bugs on a sofa

  1. Identify the affected areas by looking for blood stains and dark spots.Blood stains can mean bugs that have arisen or blood that leaked from a person.Dark spots may mean fecal matter produced by bedbugs.
  2. Vacuum the affected areas to preliminarily eliminate any bugs on the surface.Empty the vacuum in the trash and get rid of it to avoid bedbugs get loose somewhere else in ourClean all blood spots or dark spots with upholstery cleaner.
  3. Seal the sofa, sofa cushions, pillows and any other affected areas in the vinyl furniture covers starve the bugs over time.
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