The best way to kill bed bugs

best way to kill bed bugs at home
Best way to kill bed bugs - Bed bugs are a pest that lives off the blood from a host. If you have a bed bug infestation in your room or home, you will wake up to find a small red bite over his body. Small swollen welts, irritation & inflammation are common symptoms of bed bug bites. Protect yourself from bed bugs by getting rid of unwanted visitors.
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Remove all materials Unaffected

Clear the area of ​​any disorder to prevent the spread of bed bugs in your home. This means removing all personal items such as stuffed animals, toys and blankets. If the items are washable, put them in the washer and dryer on high heat. If not, clean them with a vacuum cleaner and store them in plastic bags for a few days. You can also put a pesticide range in sealed bags, but make sure it is safe for contact with the skin.

Inspect for bedbugs

Inspect all areas of the room for bed bugs signs. The most common bed bug will be visible to the naked eye, oval, flat, reddish brown, and anywhere from 1/4 to 5/8 inch in length. Dark spots of excrement bug will also give your presence. Do not limit your search to just the mattress. Look for any cracks / fissures in the headwaters and walls, electrical switch plate’s seams, and the carpet edges. Be sure to inspect the bottom and sides of your mattress as well as the top.

Treating the mattress

If the bed bug infestation is very severe, you may need to play off the mattress. The infestation is severe if the mattress is covered in bugs and droppings. If the infestation is light enough to handle, start by cleaning all surfaces of the mattress. Make sure to vacuum any creases and seams. Treat the mattress with a bed bug insecticide that is specifically designed for mattresses and is safe for skin contact. For best results, use an insecticide bug dust all over your mattress. If you cannot find safe insecticides, or feel unsafe to use them, seal your mattress and pillows in a hypoallergenic cover. This cover will trap the bugs inside to prevent its spread and eventually kill them.

Treat the surrounding areas

Vacuum the surrounding area of ​​bed bug infestation. Just clean will remove bed bugs and their eggs on the walls and carpets. Use an attachment to gently aspirate all cracks and crevices inside the room. When you finish cleaning, be sure to properly dispose of the vacuum bag. Buy bed bug insecticide spray for use in areas such as floors, bedside, surrounding walls and carpets. Be sure to spray in any cracks in the room. Because of their small bodies, flat, bed bugs like to hide in small spaces. Load the powder on a mop, dust and spread over all the external surfaces of the mattress. Use a brush to paint the insecticide powder on all seams of the mattress.

Clean sheets and clothes

Wash all bedding and linens. Dry them in a hot dryer for at least 20 minutes, or put them in the freezer for at least five days to kill the bugs.

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